Editable Quotes or Invoices by customer?

Is it possible for customers to

a) Delete a line item on an invoice if for example an invoice had 3 line items and they only wanted to pay for 2

Line 001 xxxx $25.00
Line 002 YYY $1000.00
Shipping Free $0.00
Shipping Express $25.00

If the customer only wanted to pay for the $25 product, and upgrade to express shipping, is it possible give the customer permissions to add or delete a line item before they checkout? We have 2 shipping service levels - $0.00 Free ( 5-7 days shipping $25.00 for $25 for express shipping.

if not as an invoice, should we configure this as a “quote” or how best can we configure the Quote/Invoice work flow to allow the following flow

Customer receives invoice email>customer logs in> customer verifies items, adds or deletes items> selects shipping service level>customer verifes shipping and email details> customer proceeds to pay

Sorry, it isn’t supported

One option may be to use buy now links and have the invoices generated on demand.

Note: this approach will cause the invoice number to be non-sequential.

Can we pay for this custom feature? Invoice ninja supports 80% of our requirment out the box, the remaining 20% is what will make this compete with our service.

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