Edit email header (logo)?

Making a specific post for this. I have found some other threads but none really seem to shed good light on a standard fix or a coming option. I would simply like to be able to edit the header of email templates sending from my instances. Specifically, I want to use the standard templates but simply remove my company logo. Is this possible…easily?

I see others have had to alter code and I don’t see that being the correct way for such a simple function. My specific reason to need to edit/remove the header is that the template tries to LINK back to my logo image in my environment but my docker containers will not be exposed to the internet.

The logo looks amazing in the PDF’s but appears as an ugly broken image at the top of emails when I have the logo loaded under company details. So I either have to deal with ugly emails or not have the logo appear anywhere.

Thank you

Figured this one out as well in a round about way. It was not very intuitive figuring out that you change the “Email Design” on the Email “settings” page but then actually design the template on the Templates and Reminders section but I got where I want to be for now. The broken logo link is gone from emails but present in PDF.