Each invoice in the language of the client

I need to invoice clients in Eu so the invoice must be en english and I need to invoice customers in romanian. Is it possible if I set up the language of a customer to be romanian also the invoice to use the romanian translation and if the customer is setup to english to have the invoice language in EN?


Hi! Yes you can invoice different clients in different languages. If you are open to helping us translate the app into Romanian please email us! Contact@InvoiceNinja.com


Hi can you explain how to invoice in different languages. I am working on the romanian translation and I will send it to you when is ready.

I need to explain a little what I want to do:

  1. The company language is setup to romanian.
  2. The customer A language is english
  3. Customer B language is romanian.

When I create an invoice for customer A the invoice should be in english. When I create the invoice for the B customer the invoice is in romanian. The language of the company that generates the invoice is always english.

Is this possible?