E-mailed invoices since udpate 4.5.47 customers reporting they are corrupted

Now i have updated to 4.5.49 and same problem…the pdfs send per mail are corrupt. I also put a ApiKey from PhantomJS in the env file, but same…and the test didn´t work also.

Please what can i do? It is a strato hostet websever, so i couldn´t install PhantomJS.



Have you seen the info here:


Thanks, yes, but it is a strato hostet server, so could not insztall anything. And for years it works, but after 4.5.47 it didn´t anymore and i changed nothing beside to update???

Where can i get this info?

You may want to consider upgrading to v5, the PDF generator is more reliable.

Yes i want upgrade…i tested several times…but it doesn´t work??

Where can i get this info?

In that case I suggest following up on that thread.