dynamic departments and contacts in invoice template

i have a company
with 2 contacts

Contact 1
Firstname Arnold
Lastname Schwarzenegger
custom Field -> Department -> Marketing
Email schwarzenegger@hollywood.com
Contact 2
Firstname Sylvester
Lastname Stalone
custom Field -> Department -> CEO
Email stalone@hollywood.com
Contact 3
Firstname John
Lastname Travolta
custom Field -> Department -> Sales
Email travolta@hollywood.com

now when i create an invoice i can check all 3 Boxes of contatcs
but when i send that invoice to an specific Department i only want to check that department of contact 2

So i need the Department in the Adress of the company and the specific contact person

defaukt it is everytime contact Person 1

but i want to change between 3 or more contacts because my clients have different department headers

To ensure all contacts see the same invoice we always include the first contact’s detail on the PDF.

I don’t need that everybody see that invoice because the contacts are from different departments

Is the only way that I created a company three times to send it to differ departments?

It would be perfect when I check a contact than I see the
Custom field of contact x Departement
Contact x

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind for the future.