Dynamic date variables in Line Item Description

Is it possible to use dynamic date variables in line item descriptions?

My use case is a provide IT support services that are billed bi-annually, so i submit invoices twice a year.

One for say the Jan 01 - Jun 30 period and then July 01 to Dec 31.

Putting the period in the email is fine, but it’s for govt and they require the supported period in the body of the invoice.

What is the best way that i can do this?


If you’re creating a recurring invoice you can click the question mark to the right of the frequency select to see info about using dynamic dates.

Doesn’t quite fit my use case. Are there any other options?

Something like

“Billing for for period :QUARTER and :QUARTER+1”

Gives "Billing for for period Q1 and Q2 "

When the start and end dates need to be clearly delineated on the invoices.

Just the options listed there