Dwolla payment method errors out


Whenever a client picks Dwolla from the Pay Now button options when viewing their invoice, they are not redirected to the DWOLLA site. An error message is instead displayed above the invoice: “Dwolla: There was an error processing your payment. Please try again later.”

How can I fix this?


We’re seeing the same problem.

We’ve emailed Dwolla asking them to look into it, we’ll let you know when we hear back.

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve heard back from Dwolla, they’re looking into the problem.

More info on the problem: https://discuss.dwolla.com/t/cloudflare-captcha-beginning-today/2236/2

So I’m confused. Is InvoiceNinja working with Dwolla to solve this problem? The discussion thread you directed me to said that we should email support@dwolla.com to get our installation whitelisted. Does that mean I have to do that for every account I have at InvoiceNinja, or are you guys working to do this for all clients?

We’ve emailed Dwolla asking them to white-list app.invoiceninja.com.

They replied that it was done however the problem persists. We emailed back asking them to check it and are waiting to hear back from them.

It may help if you email directly to help raise awareness of the problem.

This issue should now be resolved.

This issue hasn’t been resolved like you indicated Hillel Coren, Dwolla still not working with Invoice Ninja. This problem has been going on for over a month. Nobody can make a payment using Dwolla which is the primary way in which everyone pays by ACH checks. Please Invoice Ninja finally fix this. I called Dwolla directly and they say it is with you Invoice Ninja. None of my customers can pay when they click the green Pay Now button, instead they only get this error: Dwolla: There was an error processing your payment. Please try again later. What is causing this? Some sort of update to the API or code? My business can’t bill anybody until you fix this!!!

Dwolla whitelisted our IPs a few weeks ago which temporarily solved the issue but the problem came back after a few days.

We’re actively working with Dwolla to resolve the issue and are doing everything we can to get it fixed ASAP.

Hey John,

I did want to ask if you are doing one time or recurring payments? We actually use Authorize.Net for manual ACH processing and Stripe for recurring ACH processing.

When customers have problems with Dwolla (or any processor) we offer customers a Jotform Link on all invoices where they can provide manual payment information. It takes a little extra work but we never miss a customer’s payment because of a processor error.

If you need me to write up a short tutorial explaining how to process ACH via your Stripe Dashboard then let me know. Once you setup the customer manually in Stripe it is pretty easy to insert the stripe Customer ID into Invoice Ninja’s mysql table for automatic ACH processing on recurring invoices.

On a related note we’re looking into supporting ACH payments through Stripe in a future release.