Due Date for attached pdf-file not working


due-date for attached pdf-files is not working.On client-portal is all fine. Please check!


Can you please provide more details, I’m not sure I understand what you mean?


as soon as I have created an invoice and have the due date calculated automatically, due to the default setting, this will not be listed in the PDF which can be attached automatically to the invoice notification mail. However, if the invoice is accessed via the client portal, the due date is showing in the PDF.

I suspect the code contains an error in the order, since it is reproducible in the newest Version.

Thanks for the details!

cc @david


Can you advise where you are not seeing the due date? Please note that the due date is only generated when the invoice is either sent or marked as sent, When an invoice is in its draft state the system cannot calculate a due date at that point in time.


i dont see the due date in the send mail with the attached pdf.


  • Open Invoice
  • Save Incoive
  • Send Invoice (with automatic attached PDF-File in Notification Mail with a link to the invoice) → in that attached file the due date is missing
  • Open the client portal over the link in the mail → due date is showing


I’m not able to replicate this on my machines, nor in production. Is this only a recent issue for you?

Hi, i am new to it with a fresh install of the newest version. Attached some screenshots (blurred and cut out some parts) that may help you finding the issue.

Preview = the same as mail attached pdf