Dropdown for State and City


I am trying to customize the code for just one country, however, it is a must to have province and city for the local electronic invoice system, is there a way to make responsive dropdowns for these fields in the new client tab as well as for new Company?


If you’re a developer I’m sure it’s possible, are you looking for help with the code?

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your reply! I think I can build the code for that, however, I am not familiar with Laravel, so, I have been trying to do some reverse engineering, I read the code at resouorces/views/clients/edit.blade.php, and I want to mimic the fromQuery function that is called for the country dropdown, but I am not sure where is that fromQuery coming from.

If you can provide me with a light where is that piece of code coming from, that will help me a lot.

Thanks again,



Cool, I will give this a try and post my results, thanks a lot!