Draft invoice is showing wrong PDF file on preview or send

Hi there,

I have little problem with draft invoices lately. I set IN to create new invoice number after sending e-mail (or status changing to sent). Problem is, IN is really stubborn on showing previous draft invoice PDF (I mean, previously generated draft). If I edit this draft or just simply enter edit form and save, draft PDF is changed to proper one.

What am I doing in order:

  1. I’m creating draft invoice.
  2. I want to send it.
  3. In preview it shows me previous draft PDF.
  4. I’m turning back to draft invoice, opening and saving it.
  5. I’m trying to send again and now preview shows proper PDF file for this invoice.
  6. I’m creating different draft invoice.
  7. I’m trying to send it, and preview shows me PDF from 5. (previous draft)
  8. It goes infinitely…

It seems like when I’m creating draft, PDF is not being created. Then on send/preview it shows me first available PDF file, because there is no PDF file for this invoice.

Sadly I can’t reproduce it on IN Demo website. Any ideas?

Sounds similar to

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Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

It could be a caching issue. Is the correct invoice PDF being sent? That would be the first thing to check.