Does the iPhone app require SSL

I have been using self hosted webapp for about 3 months and am loving it.

I only use the webapp for invoicing and marking them off as paid, there is very little personal data and no payments accepted via the webapp so i did not see the point of getting an SSL cert. However i want to start using the API and iPhone app but i keep getting 404 errors.

i have followed the instructions and add the API_SECRET=<password> to the .env file, and this has made no difference.

When i run “<MY_URL>/api/v1/ping?api_secret=<password>” i get a 404 error.

I am not that good with HTTPS VS HTTP, i am also not that good with APIs but when i look in the root i cannot see an API folder, should i see one there?

any help would be awesome.



Maybe you need to add /public to the URL, it should match the URL you use to access the web app.

Thank you, that was the issue.

i was going on the therory that

“The first is the Base URL of your self-hosted installation, ie

meant and not

Maybe that is something the doco team can update on the user manual?

Thanks again Hillel Coren!!!

Awesome, glad to hear it!