Display product line tax item as a currency value instead of a percentage

Is there a way to display the tax amount for each item as a currency value instead of a percentage?
In Australia we have GST, which is set at 10%. However sometimes a price may be set at $200 ex GST, so total becomes $220, at other times a price may be $200 inc GST, which means the tax on the item is around $18.18.
Is there a way for this to be displayed, without having to add an additional field and do it manually (for items with included tax, it should be the final price divided by 11, for a 10% tax).

Sorry, it isn’t supported


I so agree with you as I am in Aust and its a pain when you add expenses and much of the places have the GST included and so you have to calculate it.

It would be a great item if it was supported.