Display Date in Task View

Does anyone know of a way to display a date column in the task view? It’s nice to have a task number, but having a date column would be incredibly helpful.



You can add the timelog column to view the data and time.

We’ll look into adding the date as it’s own column.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Are you saying to add the timelog to the invoice to see the date and time? I do that now as a very painful and very time-consuming workaround.

Thank you very much for being willing to consider adding the date. For long-term projects, it’s very helpful to be able to see dates while looking at the task list.

Maybe I don’t understand your question, are you referring to the task list screen or the edit invoice screen?

The task list view is where I’d like to add a date column.

I realize you see the date in the right column when you click on a task, but it means you are clicking on a lot of tasks if you’re looking for a specific date and you have similar tasks for the same project. Also, there is no way to compare task dates.

Thanks, have you tried add the timelog column?

As mentioned above we’ll also add the date as a separate column.

I apologize, however, this is where you lose me. I cannot find any documentation on the timelog column. Is there a link you can share that talks about adding the timelog column to tasks in the desktop version?

There is a ‘Columns’ button in the lower right corner which can be used to modify the columns in the table.

Well, I feel a bit stupid because I missed that entirely.

After adding all the columns, the Create At (which I take to mean Created On), works beautifully.

Thanks for sticking with this slow learner.


Glad to hear it!

Note: the app uses ‘… at’ when it’s a date/time and ‘… on’ when it’s just a date.