Disocunts are not calculated right ,, ! fix asap pls

hi to all , i am noticing the Discounts percentage and also amounts are not calculated like it should be ,

if u put 18% discount , does not make it at 18%. but allmost 22%

can soomeone clarify this UGLY error , !!

thanks , C

@charlie1 Unable to verify that on my end.

I did $149 with 18% discount and it came out to be $122.18 as expected.

18% of $149 is $26.82. $149 minus $26.82 is $122.18.

Can you share more information about the line totals and where you are applying the discounts?

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thank you so much for replying and showing your way , !!
i can see that you have a discount on the product line ,
what i was doing is a Discount on a full total and that when things get massy , still it should nt happen in my point o f view ,
now kindly explain how to do the discount tap in the product line ? ,

i would like to thank you agian ,

here you find the mistake i m talking about ,

There is an option to enable it on Settings > Product Settings

still not showing on the product line , while the discount on the 1st picture is a mistake work out by the system ,
Mac OS here , even on the ipad app is not showing … i m puzzled , !!

Can you check the discount field is included on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns

YES !!! that was it , now it came … and I recon its working fine ,
product cost - xx % discouont + 18 % VAT ,
i m sure its fine now ,

thanks a lot my friend ,

Glad to hear it, happy to help!

much appreciated , wishing you a great day , thank you again ,