Disk space usage


My InvoiceNinja installation (ver 3.6.0) is taking almost 600MB of disk space.
Is that normal or there is something wrong ?

Most of the space is taken up by the vendor folder.

$ du -hs vendor/
429M	vendor/

In v3.6 we added mpdf to enable exporting the reports to PDF, it’s a large library.

$ du -hs vendor/mpdf/
105M	vendor/mpdf/

So i guess my installation is normal. Right?

That’s correct

I have a number of installations of Invoice Ninja running on our servers and the largest is our own @ 777 MB but that includes locally stored backup files.

If you’re using multiple installations and want to save space you may be able to sym-link the /vendor folder.

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Nice thought but each instance is a client’s own area so happy to let it use up that space. We run dedicated servers so space really isn’t an issue and the costs are (IMHO) quite low, starting at just £1 per month for 500 MB.

Our billing system clients use 1-3 GB packages for between £5 & £10 per month if I recall.

Just set up a new one yesterday and they’re already producing invoices so I’m a happy bunny.

A developers license for white labelling on the IP address would be nice though…