Disapearing expenses records

I have disapeared expenses.

In my notes on bank statement I have marked that 0022 expense is from invoice ninja white label licence payment. But now the receord in invoiceninja v5 exoences is not here . And there is no any expences related with this vendor.

I can see 0020 0021 0023 0024 but not 0022

And it is not archived or deleted. I can see those too.

We are talking about year 2020

Also missing 0014, 0015.

How to debug or find out what happened and how to prevent that?


Which version of the app are you using?

It is the invoice ninja v5.7.14-M125

I updated now to latest v5.7.22-M125

It may help to search for the expense number in the search field on the dashboard.

I also suggest checking if you see the expense in the React web app.