disabling two factor auth


Getting a phone repaired and google 2fa is enabled on my instance of IN so most likely will lose the entry in the Google Auth App.

Just wondering how I can clear it in InvoiceNinja. I cant seem to find clear instructions on how to set it up or disable.


You can disable it by running this SQL query:

update users set google_2fa_secret = null, remember_2fa_token = null;

I am trying the free invoiceninja.com version, how can I disable Two Factor Authentication?

Had to factory reset my phone, now I’m locked out as all my Google Authenticator entries are gone.

Hi Garlicsuter,

I modified te users table as above. You will need access to the database either from a shell or phpmyadmin.

Learnt the hard way that the google tokens via the app are not exportable. I currently use Authy to store my tokens which could be a suggestion in the future.


Please email us at contact@invoiceninja.com and we’ll send you a code via SMS to disable 2FA.

Thanks you so much ,it work, I save time