Difficulty Selecting Custom Invoice Templates for Different Invoice Types in InvoiceNinja v5

Hello InvoiceNinja Support and Community,

We are currently utilizing InvoiceNinja v5 for our invoicing needs, and overall, we find it to be a powerful tool for creating and managing invoices efficiently. However, we have encountered an issue concerning the selection of custom invoice templates for different types of invoices.

As a company offering diverse services, including electricity and various other offerings, we require distinct invoice formats for each type of service. These formats differ not only in terms of data input fields but also in visual layout. During our exploration of InvoiceNinja, we were thrilled to discover the option to add custom invoice templates, which seemed to be the perfect solution to cater to our unique invoicing requirements.

Unfortunately, we are facing challenges in the process. While we have successfully added custom invoice templates, we are unable to select the appropriate template that corresponds to the type of service when creating an invoice. It appears that the ability to choose the specific invoice template associated with the type of service is not available, and this type of template selection seems to be a general configuration.

We are reaching out to the InvoiceNinja support and community to inquire whether there is a way to overcome this limitation and select custom templates for different invoice types during the invoice creation process. Any insights, guidance, or assistance provided in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and support. We highly value the services provided by InvoiceNinja and look forward to resolving this matter with your valuable assistance.

If any additional information or clarification is required regarding our inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Have you seen that on the settings tab on the edit invoice page you can select which invoice design to use.

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Thank you very much for your quick response. Indeed, I had not noticed the “settings” option at the bottom of the page on the invoice edit tab. I apologize for the inconvenience.

We are still new to using this product, and your assistance is highly appreciated. With your guidance, we can now easily select the invoice design based on the type of service we provide.

Once again, thank you for your promptness and support.

Best regards,

Glad to hear it, happy to help!