Different language for different invoices

Hi all,

Quick question - is it possible to have saved invoices in different languages (especially recurring)? I’ve tried saving a draft using one localization and then switching to another but it also changed the language of the invoice.
It’s ok for non-recurring as I guess one can just change localization and then switch again for the next one but I fear that then if you leave it on say German and a recurring invoice meant for UK gets sent in the meantime - than that means that the recurring invoice will be sent in German right?

Br, Ž

You can set the language for the client.

Thank you! Again :slight_smile:

Br, Ž

Hi again,

Should the language setting for the client effect the language on the invoice? We’ve set one client to German and the invoice it generates is still in English - what is the purpose of setting the language for the client?


You need to click ‘View in portal’ to see the translated invoice.

Ah ok we actually didn’t plan on using the portal (and did not set it up) as we only planned on sending the generated .pdf files - so it’s not possible to generate a pdf in that language?

If you email the invoice it should be translated, have you tested it?

Set it up and it works (also added phantomjs for local pdf creation). I assume products cannot be translated? (whichever language I select the products are always in the language in which they were written)

That is correct.

One option is to add versions of the product for each language.

That is what we will do yes. Thanks.