Desperately need help customizing our invoices again

I don’t know how you managed to do it… I can code a website but have no idea how to customize a basic function on my invoice. Can you guys create a more comprehensive help article or preferably, a video?

Or how about just spit out the raw html with field selectors and a single CSS area for customization?

I don’t admit to being a pro designer/developer but it’s crazy how over-complicated this is…

If you can point me in the right direction, just trying to match what we had in V4. Primarily, wanting our public notes to show again and our terms to continue after the first page (multi pages long).

Have you seen these docs here for PDF customizations?

If you terms are static you can add them into a custom design.

I did see that, but I am completely lost. Any video demo would be greatly appreciated showing adding a couple of fields not present on the invoice. Or even better, the ability to check a box and add terms afterwards or not. In either case, this seems to be outside of my wheelhouse as a non-developer, but I managed to figure it out in V4 just fine.

Happy to pay for a service in the meantime, but can’t seem to find anyone with familiarity with V5 that is offering such a service.

Here’s one option: Customize Invoice Ninja - Bold Compass

Any chance you can point me in the right direction for simply adding a our terms to our invoices? $750 for what should be a 10 second job is kind of steep :confused:

Update: Turns out terms were working all along, but it looks like terms don’t show on the invoice customization/design page, hence my issue. Is this a bug?

The design preview may just not be showing the terms… or an extended version of terms.