Design pagination

The content of a page overlays the footer.
How/where can I define a page break that starts n pixels before the beginning of the footer?


It may help to increase the page’s bottom footer/margin.

That is also my guess, but where can I set this?

You can add it using a custom design.

I realise that, but where exactly does it have to go in the custom design?


The “includes” tab which is the last one.

Can you please give me a little more information on how/where exactly what needs to be entered. I have attached the content as a txt file.

includes.txt (7.2 KB)

Try adding it inside the body tag towards the top.

body {
  margin-bottom: 40px;
  padding-bottom: 40px;

You mean here:

This does not seem to work according to the preview.

That’s correct, @david do you have any suggestions?

In the footer class, you’ll want to change

<div class="repeating-footerx" id="footer">


<div class="repeating-footer" id="footer">

you’ll then be able to control the reserved space for the footer in the includes section by modifying

    .repeating-footer-space {
        height: 10px;

And setting the height to the appropriate amount.

Where exactly does “repeating-footerx” need to be changed?
I have found the line in 8 files:


I believe David was suggesting to make the change in the custom design.

Where do I have to change the class <div class="repeating-footerx" id="footer">?

I believe it should be in the body tab, which design is your custom design based on?

I can’t remember whether I used a template or created it from scratch.
Above I have inserted the content of includes as a file. There is neither a <div class="repeating-footerx" id="footer"> nor a <div class="repeating-footer" id="footer">.

I have now changed repeating-footerx to repeating-footer in all 8 files and entered the following under includes:

    .repeating-footer-space {
        height: 10px;

Unfortunately, none of this helped.

Would you please tell me exactly where to put which entry.