Design error invoice (Version 5.4.11 - C88)

Company logo and customer number are not printed on invoices although they are available.

In HTML mode, at least the logo is displayed in the preview, but not in normal mode and therefore not on the invoices. I suspect a problem with the PDF generation in the matter.


@david do you have any thoughts?


Try using $client.number instead of id_number

In regards to the logo, is this a recent issue? We store the company logo as base64 encoded data, so it should be available anywhere.


Thanks, using “$client.number” will work, but the description says “$client.id_number”:

On 13.07. the logo was still printed (version 5.4.4 or 5.4.9). So the error exists since yesterday’s update to 5.4.11.


$client.id_number is a separate ID field.

Are there any errors in the logs which could explain the issue with the logo. Another idea would be to try re-uploading your company logo.

New upload was helpful.