Deleted ENV file (app key) how screwed am I?

During the 5.3.10(?) upgrade that had some issues last week or so, I accidentally overwrote my ENV file, including my APP_KEY

I am struggling to get the server back up and running and I believe this is my issue at the moment. I have done some searching of the forums and I found a post by @hillel that mentioned this key only encrypts payment gateway info and such?

But it also appears that the public/storage folder is also encrypted?

  1. How screwed am I?
  2. Any suggestions on getting the server back up and running? (Currently, even on a ‘fresh’ install, im getting a 500: The MAC is invalid.


In v4 deleting the payment gateways could resolve this.

cc @david

same as v5, you’ve lost the config for your company gateways.

if you delete the contents of your config column you may be able to get past this.

welp, long story short, I was able to get back in. I am going to simply stand up a new server on-prem (as opposed to AWS) where I can take daily snapshots

Any issues with me standing up a ‘clean’ v5 install, and doing a export/import from within InvoiceNinja?


the company import / export should work for you. your may need to reupload your company logo.