Define autobilling

I’d appreciate some clarification about autobilling in InvoiceNinja v4. I’ve never used autobilling but have a need for it now.

Is autobilling the same as recurring invoicing? Or is billing separate from invoicing?

I ask because in the area where I live, a company may “bill” a client for a service. In that sense, billing is used synonymously with invoicing. “I’ll send you a bill and you can pay me by (some given) date.”

It seems that InvoiceNinja see autobilling as actually charging the client’s payment method for an invoice that had previously been created.

Can anyone explain InvoiceNinja’s use of autobilling?



Auto-billing and recurring invoices are separate features which can be used together.

There’s more info here:

Thank you. I’d read that page before I posted my question, but it doesn’t address my primary question. I guess a better question would be, is the client’s payment billed at the same time the invoice is sent? Or could the invoice go out in advance of the payment date as a way to remind the client that the payment will soon (automatically) come out of his payment method? For example, the invoice goes out on the 15th. His payment method is charged on the 20th.

You can choose between auto-billing on the send date or due date on Settings > Online Payments

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This would be a helpful addition to the Autobill section of the Recurring Invoices documentation.