Default tax in invoices not preselected


I set the default tax in settings but when i create an invoice that defeult tax is not preselected.
It is not something hard to select it, but the problem is that most of the times i forget to set it and the tax on the invoice is set to null-none-zero.
Anyone has the same issue ?

It seems to be working in my tests, the default tax selected on /settings/tax_rates is selected when creating a new invoice.

Are you using invoice taxes or line item taxes?

I am using invoice taxes.
Unfortunatelly it is not working on me :frowning:

Can you check you’re using an exclusive tax rate, we don’t support using inclusive rates as a default.

What is an exclusive tax rate and what is the inclusive one ?

You can see an explanation on /tax_rates/create

I use exclusive rate.

Do you see the same problem on

I’m assuming you’re referring to the self-host web app.

I can’t understand why this is happening.
Do you want meto give you the credentials to check it ?

Can you post or email us a screenshot of your settings on /settings/tax_rates

Thanks, maybe it’s a localization issue?

I don’t know how to check it.

Does the problem occur if the tax name is in English?
Also, do you see the problem on


If i change the name of the tax to English, the problem is gone.
So i guess it has to do something with the language.

Great, that’s helpful to know. Can you post an example tax rate name you’re using.

Κανονικός ΦΠΑ


Thanks, this change should help:

It worked.

Thank you so much.