Default Invoice Terms not Populating on PDF Invoice

Hello. I have set some default invoice terms which do show as placeholder text on the invoice terms box when creating an invoice, but do NOT populate on the invoice itself. If I override that placeholder text and type in something (like “test”) then the invoice terms of test do show up. If I remove it, the invoice terms are removed from the invoice altogether. Any idea why placeholder/default text isn’t populating when I don’t override it?

If you have defaults set, these are injected into the invoice when it is saved if the fields are left as blank.

Yes, that’s what I expected as well, but it isn’t what happened. Default terms are populated and when I hit save, they do not save into the invoice, even when it is emailed. If I enter terms on the specific invoice, they do show.

Were you able to reproduce this by chance or would it be better if I recorded a video? If so, any preferred recording system?

If you could send a video it may be helpful.

cc @david

Sure - I just created it. Emailing the link to you so it’s not posted publicly (due to names/data shown in the recording).

Can verify this is an issue for the preview only. It would be nice to have the defaults appear in the preview rather than just injected after saving. This really confused me.