Default inclusive tax rate

Hi, I need to issue invoices with a default tax rate without having to recalculate the price for each product. For example, the default tax rate is 19% and the price is 1234 Euro. That’s the price I want to type in the invoice, so that Invoice Ninja automatically calculates the tax line by default. At the moment, if the tax line is added by default, I have to calculate myself how much 19% of 1234 is and then I have to manually subtract that from the price before typing it, doing the calculation for Invoice Ninja instead of Invoice Ninja calculating for me… Please advise.

Have you tried creating an inclusive tax rate?

Yes but I can’t set an inclusive tax rate as default, that’s the problem. Without the default setting, it doesn’t affect buy now links.

In our latest releases we added an account level inclusive taxes setting on Settings > Tax Rates but it’s only visible for new accounts.

So what does that mean? Do I have to delete my account and reopen it?

You may want to test the feature in a new account.

Note: it’s currently only available to self-hosters, it should be available on our hosted platform in about a week.

I’m on the platform. Will it be available to existing accounts? I don’t want to create a new account with all the settings/products.

We aren’t able to make the setting available to existing accounts, if the setting is changed it would cause all existing invoices to become inaccurate due to the changes in the invoice calculation.

This is a major problem. Can you help me transfer the account settings, products etc. to a new account so I don’t have to do it myself?

Also, is it possible to send a tax parameter to buy now links, i.e. “&tax_id=…” ?

I’m not sure it would work to transfer your data with the new setting, you can try it using the JSON import/export.

No, it wouldn’t be secure. The tax is loaded from the product/account defaults.