Default group for new contacts?

Hey guys, wondering if there’s a way to default new contacts into a group? The vast majority of new contacts fall into one group, while few and far between fall into a second group. It would be nice to not have to select a group for every single new contact, instead just having to select a group occasionally.



This isn’t currently supported.

Note: you may want to consider just setting the secondary group.

Thanks for quick response! Payment gateways are set based on group. If I don’t group contacts into the first group, the payment gateways are all out of whack.

Not sure I understand, why not set the default order at the company level and then set a custom order for the second group.

Here are pictures to help explain:

In company level (current default), I have all payment gateways, so by default, a contact would see all of these:

The first group, which I would like to be default, is set with these gateways:

While the second group, which I only occasionally need to group, is set:

If I archive any gateways in company level, they also go away within group settings. Therefore, I don’t know how to set company gateways (current default) to match picture in first group, without losing the gateways I’ve set for the second group.

Have you tested the client portal as a client? I believe duplicates shouldn’t be shown, if you sort the default higher in the list the duplicates should be hidden.

Nice, yes that works. Thank you!