Default Footer


I know you can save a default footer, but would it be possible to have a default footer for individual clients? This would be amazing!

P.S. I am self hosted and white labeled… Is there a way I can donate to Invoice Ninja? You guys are doing such a superb job and deserve it!

Let me know!

You could add a custom client field called ‘Footer’ on /settings/invoice_settings#client_fields and then use $client.customValue1 as the footer value.

Thanks! The best way to help is leave us a review on Capterra.


Thank you for your reply. The issue with that is at the moment only two custom fields can be created, and we’ve already created two custom fields. This is why I was wondering if it can be added as a feature in the future. Or maybe allow us to add more than just two custom fields?

And I’ll definitely leave a review on Capterra!

Once again thank you for your reply!

It’s possible we’d add more custom fields in the future, you may want o create an issue on our GitHub repo to track the request.


Awesome, I’ve posted the feature request over on GitHub! I actually have another feature I’d like to request as well, I’ll request it over on GitHub as well.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: