Decimal separator in reports


I have invoices and expenses in both USD and Euro and I am based in a Euro country. I have no issues with the different decimal separators in the invoice- or the expense section, only in the reports. If I run a report and in the result I group a column, the group totals are off by a factor 100 and the wrong decimal separator is used. It seems the cents behind the separator in the euro amounts are considered full ‘dollars’ in the total. The grouped results would look something like:

MISC (4) Amount: 129075.00 | Tax: 1575.00
Item1 Date Misc €400,00
Item2 Date Misc €400,00
Item3 Date Misc €400,00
Item4 Date Misc €90,75

Mind the comma separators in the items and the point separator in the total.


PS: I am self-hosting: Invoice Ninja - v4.5.18 | White labeled

Yeah… this is a limitation of v4, this should be improved in v5