Decimal separator in data entry fields incorrect.


Just started a self hosted invoice ninja and found a little glitch in that data entry fields are formatted differently from data outputted on invoices and reports.

My location is set to Netherlands so the correct decimal separator must be a comma and the thousands separator is a dot.

What happens is that in data entry fields the decimal separator is incorrectly displayed as a dot while the format is correctly outputted as a comma on invoices and reports.

Data entry of e.g. 3,14 is correctly accepted. However when exiting the field the number displays as 3.14 which is not right obviously. So comma-separated input is correctly accepted and also outputted correctly but in the data entry fields the format flips from e.g. 3,14 to 3.14

It is not much of a problem, but maybe you can have a look at it.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind for v2.