Date/time settings

I would like to see the 24 hour clock format in date/time setting. I added:

INSERT INTO ninja.datetime_formats (
format ,
‘d-m-Y gg:ii’, ‘20-03-2013 18:15’

Now i’m not sure how to display this in the frontend. All I see are the 9 defaults.

Hi Hans,

For performance reasons we cache this data, you can clear the cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL.

Does this mean the uncommenting of Flush Cash in /app/Http/routes.php is no longer the way to do this?

It doesn’t add the new format to this dropdown list when adding ?clear_cache=true to the url public/company/details?clear_cache=true.

Correct, this changed with the v2.0 release. I’ll update the post.

No worries. My main source of help is the Google Groups and I found a few remarks stating the .php change.
This forum is in desperate need of more attention. It looks I’m the only one…