Date and time for tasks on invoices is now bold (Clean template)

I liked the subtle, small grey text that was used for dates and times on invoices in v4, how can I get this back on v5?

@ben is supporting ### on the backlog?

Yes! We do have support for ### as syntax for this case.

Using ### is what makes the time stamps bold. I’m with Jack and would prefer the smaller grey text but not sure where to set this. I am using the business template instead of clean but I don’t think it makes a difference.

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@ben if you have a chance can you please compare ### in v4 vs v5

Still bold which makes for focusing on the time stamps instead of the description of the work done. Is there any way to make these look similar to v4? Would be nice if the task descriptions looked the way they are typed out instead of being jammed together too. Adding < br > tags for a new line gets old quick. Thanks!

@david is this on the backlog?

@hillel i think the issue is now we simply parse the markdown, we may want to change the defaults that are generated to produce the correct formatting.

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@david are you suggesting we change the markdown used in the admin portal?

It would correct future invoices but would cause problems for invoices migrated from v4.

We can also consider changing this in the AP for new invoices and having old invoices look slightly different.

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