Datacenter location and CJEU rulings

I have hosted InvoiceNinja. Where is your datacenter located and are you considering measures for more stringent requirements because of GDPR?

It seems to be that Privacy Shield isn’t enough anymore and that I would require it to run on an European Datacenter. See this article:

My questions are:

  1. What are your plans with the more stringent GDPR requirements?
  2. I would prefer to using the hosted version but if I would migrate to selfhosting? Would I have all the same integrations as the hosted InvoiceNinja? Like Mollie integration and Integromat? Any further considerations?


You can see our GDPR compliance info here:

I read that. The problem is that it seems that Privacy Shield doesn’t seem to be enough to be GDPR compliant according to the CJEU rulings last year.

I know there are some talks about it between EU-US. But the current state is that it would mean that the data center location is important or in other words if InvoiceNinja is hosted on US datacenter, it wouldn’t be GDPR compliant for a company that processes EU customer data.

It isn’t really enforced yet, but I’m preparing myself for that. That’s also the reason I’m migrating from Zapier to Integromat or SyncSpider btw.