Data loss after pulling update

Hello, I just recently pull the latest version 5.13 as requested by the app. All the last data I did lastly (invoices, clients, design) are gone. It is now updated with the data from the state when I did the previous update (5.6). All in between are not there anymore… :((

I use InvoinceNinja with docker
Sometimes with the browser other times with the Mac app


@david do you have any suggestions?

Not sure how this could happen. The updates are not destructive

Is it possible that you accidently startet an old container with an older Version?

5.13.x doesn’t exist yet.

5.6.13 does exist but is not available for docker installations. There was a problem and 5.6.5 to 5.6.13 were/are not available on dockerhub.

See Docker

5.6.14 is available as of today. Maybe that will fix it?