Hi, has anyone successfully linked to the Cybersource payment gateway?
I’ve setup the Secure Acceptance Profile in Cybersource and configured the gateway in InvoiceNinja - but every time I try and submit a payment I’m getting an error displayed by Cybersource.
The error seems to indicate an error with the “Customer Redirect after Check-out” URL that needs to be entered into the Profile in Cybersource.
I’m doing this is a trial instance at

Any assistance appreciated.


Ok, so I’ve got it almost working - I needed to use a Silent Order POST Profile in CyberSource. However, that profile requires a Transaction Response Page URL to be specified - I guess this is how InvoiceNinja gets notification that the payment had been accepted/declined. Anyone know what URL I need to give for this?

You could try

Dear members,

Does anyone know which

Transaction Response Page URL / Merchant POST URL

We need to put in the Transaction Response Page at CyberSource settings page???

Payments are working already but when payment is done it is returning error page because we have not the right Transaction Response Page url settings.