Customize Invoice

So how the heck do you customize an invoice on I’m in the customize page and I’m looking at this gibberish code and there is no documentation on how to go about changing the invoice. There is no help/key on what this code is, no help on how to adjust it. So is there any documentation on EXACTLY how to move things around or adjust a template for someone who has no idea what gibberish this is in?

Devs definitely need to hone the user-friendliness of the app. I have several issues myself. Spent many hours of try this, try that, to get where I am now. No immediate customer service to speak of - Only service comes through email, and is frustrating when support cannot understand the specific issues/questions you have.

Agreed, it’s hard to use. The alternative would be an HTML based solution however it’s hard to ensure the PDF is pixel perfect.

There are docs here:

@IngenEnt Can you explain, have you posted a question to the support forum and not received an answer?

As long as you’re nice/respectful we’re happy to help…