Customize invoice layout

I’m not seeing where I can customize the client details, what I’m wanting to do is have year make model on one line (like the address) is this possible

2022-06-10 09_06_11-Window


This is certainly possible, but you’ll need to dig in and customize the invoice design for this.

Go to Settings > Invoice Design > Customize

And create a new design selecting the template which you wish to extend.

Then you’ll want to go into the Body Tab and find the selector which may look like this

<div id="client-details"></div>

Our system automatically looks for this section and injects the systems precompiled client details, but you’ll want to remove/rename client-details into something else… like client-details-custom

Now within that section you can format your data as you wish. The link I have included at the top should flesh out most of this and also include all of the variables you can use to customize your design.