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I would like to be able to change the wording of the HTML emails in the header section. Currently in the quote email when using HTML instead of plain email I am unable to find a section to change the header.

The body and subject line have great options and variable options. Currently my quote says in the middle section of the header “Due by” – It is my opinion that this wording is not ideal, maybe even subject to being interpreted as a bit pushy. It’s a quote, not an invoice. I think the wording of “Expires” then the date would be better.

It would be super ideal if one could choose the wording or even have it removed all together.

It would also be nice to be able to remove the total on the right side of the header, maybe put something else there or even change the wording to “Quote” or “Quoted price”

For right now I have gone back to using the plain email and created a highly customized email with expiry dates etc. But as your own software recommends, I would like to eventually have a few more options and get back to sending HTML emails. I just can’t do that right now because I don’t care for the wording (my own personal opinion).

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I consider this a bug, to match the rest of the app the title should be ‘Valid until’. We’ll correct this in our next release.

If you want to change the code the HTML designs are located here:

Thank you, I found the location to make the changes.

Just so you know, I ran one more test and the centre section of the header I was able to change. I noticed however that the PDF generated says “Balance Due”

Quote number
Quote Date
Valid Until
Balance Due <–

Is there a way I can change the ‘balance due’ to ‘quoted amount’?

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You should be able to change it in the view file.

I think you want to replace trans(‘texts.’ . $invoice->present()->balanceDueLabel)

Line 25 of the “design2_html.blade.php” and “design3_html.blade.php” reads as follows:

{{ strtoupper(trans(‘texts.due_by’, [‘date’ => $account->formatDate($invoice->due_date)])) }}

So I changed it to:

{{ strtoupper(trans(‘texts.valid_until’, [‘date’ => $account->formatDate($invoice->due_date)])) }}

When i send out the email the centre section reads:


So then I changed the text on line 25 to:

{{ strtoupper(trans(‘valid until’, [‘date’ => $account->formatDate($invoice->due_date)])) }}

The text in the centre section now reads:


You will probably notice in the top two changes, that the centre section no longer pulls the date. sad face

For now, I am just going to remove the text from line 25 so it reads as follows:

{{ strtoupper(trans(’’, [‘date’ => $account->formatDate($invoice->due_date)])) }}

So in this example, above the quote number it is fully blank. Not even the date shows up.

Regarding the generated PDF with the wording “Balance Due” where do I make the changes you mentioned in reply #3758.

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Everything is in the one file, you’ll need to search for ‘balance’

Ok, but how does the email template change the PDF attachment exactly?

Again, the PDF attachment has the wording “Balance Due”

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Ah, gotcha.

Use the ‘Invoice Labels’ tab on /settings/invoice_design

Ok, so I will leave line 25 in the html templates blank for now, it looks better and I can’t get the date to come over when I change the text within the single quotes. You said this would be updated in the new release, thank you.

Regarding the PDF, I believe there will need to be a fifth tab added for the “quotes”:

If I make the changes in the invoice as instructed, yes, the quote changes, but unfortunately, so does the invoice.

For right now I will need to make sure I change the invoice design. I hope this change can be added soon?

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Hillel, I just tried to support this project with a white label purchase, regardless of how my Monday afternoon meeting goes with the client I’m looking to implement this software with. However I tried twice to make the purchase and got the following error message:

I’m not having much luck with this site so far sad face


Thanks for letting us know!

We deployed our new release this morning, it’s most likely related.

I’ve reviewed the code, I think there’s another problem but we’re not showing the correct error.

I’ve just deployed a partial fix, if you could try again it’d be helpful.

Diffrent error:

I just looked at the website. The zip file has not been updated. This is still the release that addressed the configuration screen not coming up.

Please advise when the two bugs have been fixed in the software and I will try again and report back here.

Hopefully by that time the purchase page will have been fixed as well.


Hillel or anyone else. Is someone able to help me out here?

From checking the logs it looks like the problem was the card number wasn’t valid.

Note: we use Stripe so often have trouble with debit cards.

Ummm, ok. It’s a Visa card, but I will try another card tomorrow. I only have this one card right now.

Any word on when the changes may take place inside the software? I have that meeting tomorrow and I am running out of time to get the demo set-up.

Please advise, thank you.

This will be in our next release, it most likely won’t be available for a few weeks.

A few weeks? Ummm, ok. As mentioned in this this thread, I tried to change the information manually without success. The PDF quote referencing the template is a real pain, but is not an easy fix as probably a new tab will need to be implemented.

I’ll see what they say tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure they will give me a blank stare and ask “why a few weeks”.

I’ll keep an eye out on this project.

Kind regards,