customer Invoice links not working after update

I updated through Softaculous installer on my server and now customer invoice links no longer work.
A link like this
worked before the update but now only returns 404 error.
Any suggestions or help? thanks

The link doesn’t look correct, it should be /view/… rather than /invoice/…

Where did you get the link in the app?

Thanks and sorry Hillel,
My mistake in copying the address to the forum, my actual address is like
I had tried replacing view with invoice to see if that fixed or changed my issue and then paste the wrong one here.

the link with /view and not /invoice is what is giving me the 404 error after the update.

I’m not sure, does the ‘view client portal’ link on the client overview page work?

I can’t replicate the problem and haven’t heard about it from anyone else, it could be a configuration issue.

You are correct, the client portal does not work as well
/client/dashboard/z82r500etxb7iv0rykkarlkopnkx1bk9?silent=true comes up 404
Suggestions on where to look? thanks

I used Softaculous to roll back to backup and it is working again. I would like to keep it up to date though. I am now using 4.1.2 and it is working. It was when I updated to 4.1.3 that it broke.
Thanks for you help and I would be glad to hear of any suggestions going forwards.

I’m not sure, we make very small changes in minor updates.

You may want to try a clean install to check for the problem.