Custom Task not showing under invoices

So what I’m trying to achieve is standardization with task, for services. So when I enter a task I want to choose what kind of service. So I created a custom field called service with labels so I can just choose the drop down. After creating the custom field it shows up under the task section as expected. However, when I go to create the invoice from the task it does not show the custom field. I double checked the design and it shows custom field under products --> Task Fields, to make sure it was there.

I tested another custom field under products and it works properly. Just wondering if I’m missing something here?

That’s the current design, custom fields aren’t copied from one entity to another.

I’m a little confused about how the custom tasks work as well.

I have gone to Invoice Settings > Custom Fields > Tasks > Task Field and created two custom fields. They appear when I am recording a task but they do not appear when tasks are invoice as the OP stated and Hillel confirmed is the current design.

However, when I go to Invoice Design > Product Field > Task Fields, there is a dropdown that lets me select “Custom Field” twice and I can put them into the ordering of task fields. How can I use these fields if not through the first method?

One the tasks are invoiced you can fill in the custom task fields on the edit invoice page