Custom PO Template Design

Most of my sales are labor only. I am a cabinet shop that mostly sells labor to builders for installing cabinets that they buy from someone else and have delivered to a new house. Each client/builder has their own specific named house plans. I have each house plan as a product with what they pay me and what I pay to the installer, I have custom fields under products for “Builder as a drop-down list, Community, Lot and Date Scheduled” that I fill in when I issue the PO for the labor and when I create an invoice for the builder. This all matches up and everything works great.
I do have jobs that I provide materials for as well. I would like to issue POs for those materials “Cabinets” to my suppliers, but these POs don’t need to have “Builder as a drop-down list, Community, Lot and Date Scheduled” on them. Just the default Product, Description, Qty and Cost fields.
Is there a way to customize the columns on the PO template based on the specific vendors I choose?
So, the vendors I buy materials from use one template that has only has Product, Description, Qty and Cost fields and the one that I use for labor gets the one that also has “Community, Lot and Date.” on it.
Thanks for the support.


We’re working on improvements to designs/templates which should make this possible in the future.

Until then you can configure the app to hide the blank columns on Settings > Invoice Design.

Thanks for the quick reply. That does what I need it to do.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!