Custom Localizations not working

I installed a self-hosted copy of InvoiceNinja from the zipfile and it is working perfectly

If I change localisation strings in /resources/lang/en/texts.php they change immediately in the browser on a screen refresh. If I create /storage/lang/en/texts.php as per the instructions for custom localizations in the developer docs, I cannot see any changes to the strings at all. Here’s an example which I cam using to test:

return $LANG = [
‘dashboard’ => ‘xxxDashboard’,

I have confirmed I have the right locale (en); tried restarting the webserver; php artisan cache:clear

Any other suggestions? or is the documentation wrong?

It looks like this feature is only on the develop branch. I’m not sure why, we’ll work to correct it in our next release.

This is still NOT fixed in v4.5.4.

I’d suggest testing with our next major release (v4.6).

We merge the branches with major releases which may fix the problem.