Custom Label Total including tax


How can i create a label for total including tax? As far as i can tell i need to edit the label “Gross Line Total”:

However in the localization menu => Custom Labels, you can’t select “Gross Line Total”, only “Line Total” (using google drive here, cant embed multiple images…)

As a result, the total amount including tax and total amount excluding tax have the same (custom) label:

Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:




You can set a custom label if the option isn’t in the dropdown.


Thanks for your answer, however that doesn’t seem to work. Adding a custom label ‘gross_line_total’ doesn’t do anything. Thing is when creating a label for line_total it also creates a label for gross_line_total which shouldnt happen, right?

@david do you have any ideas?

gross_line_total is an alias of line_total

so changing the line_total label is what you want.

Hi @david

Hmm not realy since i’d like to have two seperate labels for line_total and for gross_line_total. In the image below you can indeed see that line_total and gross_line_total have the same label, but i’d like to have different labels for each one of them. Is it possible to remove the alias somewhere?

I’ll add


for the next release.

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