Custom HTML e-mails


First of all: I wish you all a great and happy 2018 :slight_smile:
I have a suggestions for Invoice Ninja: It would be great if you could support custom HTML-emails with variables for invoices, quotations, payments and reminders.
Editing the raw-HTML within the email templates didn’t work out great since it is not supported.
I would like to use my own email template instead of choosing between the three existing ones (plaintext, light and dark). Is this hard to implement in one of the next versions?

  • Yorrick

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind.

I would also appreciate this functionality.

+1 for this feature from here :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback!

We’ll add this in an upcoming release.

Any ETA for custom email templates?

Sorry, we generally don’t commit to ETAs with new features.

You may want to create an issue on GitHub to track the feature request.