Custom field`s content won`t show on invoice, and how to change API_SECRET


I`ve added some custom fields for products, (such as Packing and G.W.) I can add these info to products.

But when i add products to invoice, it only shows the content for first Custom Field. I tried on your v5 demo, same error there.
#Can add custom field info to products

#But contents won`t appear on invoice

This works fine on my self-host v4 version. Could you kindly check what can i do to make it ok on self-host v5?

And, when i changed the API_SECRET in .env file, i can`t log in with new ones. Is there any further operation i missed?


Well, after more tests, it is not just showing the first Custom Field`s content.

The truth is only Drop-Down type custom field can show its content in invoice.

Cant show Single-line text and Multi-line text(haven`t test for Switch and Date type)

For the secret you need to run php artisan optimize after changing the .env file

The other problem sounds like a bug, we’ll include a fix with the next release