Custom field bug in email model

I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find any answer. So I made a new topic.

On the email invoice template, the invoices fields are usable directly with their name ($amount, or $number for example), except for the custom fields which have to be called using $invoice.custom1 if you want it to work. I think that should be corrected because it leads to some difficulties.

On top of that, special characters are not escaped properly : if I use an “&”, it displays properly in the invoice fields, in the pdf, but not in the email where it’s displayed as “&”.

I hope it will help !


@david any thoughts?

Maybe some more info I found out today : it may be related to the email editor.
When sending an email, there’s the editor and the preview stacked. The editor is in html , and when typing an & directly in the editor, it’s displayed as an & in the preview.


Is this on our hosted platform? I am unable to recreate this.

Hi David, sorry for the late answer. Yes it’s hosted on your platform, but I’m using the linux desktop app.

I wonder if the default browser I’m using can make a difference? I see some glitches in the app that are specific to Opera browser on my Linux install (mouse right click). Does the app comes with it’s own “display machine” or does it encapsulate the local browser to display the data ? Sorry for the naïve approach of the problem, I’m no code master.
desktop v5.5.36-L97 version

@hillel, thoughts on browser impacting this?

If you’re using the desktop app then a browser isn’t used. The app is build with Flutter, we aren’t using Electron. I don’t think the app supports right clicks in general.

OK, thank you for the information. Right clicks can be used when editing a text field.

I did some more tests, and it seems like the email preview is causing trouble. No problem when using the web app or the mobile app. Th email sent is correct too.