Custom field bug in email model

I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find any answer. So I made a new topic.

On the email invoice template, the invoices fields are usable directly with their name ($amount, or $number for example), except for the custom fields which have to be called using $invoice.custom1 if you want it to work. I think that should be corrected because it leads to some difficulties.

On top of that, special characters are not escaped properly : if I use an “&”, it displays properly in the invoice fields, in the pdf, but not in the email where it’s displayed as “&”.

I hope it will help !


@david any thoughts?

Maybe some more info I found out today : it may be related to the email editor.
When sending an email, there’s the editor and the preview stacked. The editor is in html , and when typing an & directly in the editor, it’s displayed as an & in the preview.


Is this on our hosted platform? I am unable to recreate this.

Hi David, sorry for the late answer. Yes it’s hosted on your platform, but I’m using the linux desktop app.