Currency wrong in mobile app

I have just created a new account and created 2 currencies in my account, US and CDN. I have sent myself invoices for both currencies, paid, and tested fine. I then sent a fairly large invoice to a customer in US Dollars. I created his account and chose “US Dollars” for his currency. I loaded the mobile app and his outstanding invoice shows in Canadian. I check on my computer, and his invoice seem to show correctly in US. I checked his client info on the mobile app, and his currency shows as US Dollar but his outstanding balance shows in CDN. Even the test payment I made in US Dollars shows as CDN on your mobile app. When I check the payments in Stripe, they show correctly in US and CDN. I am hopeful this is a bug, and not that my customer has received an invoice in CDN dollars, when it should have been in US Dollars.

If the webapp and Stripe are correct it’s most likely a bug in the mobile app.

We’ll try to include a fix in our next release…