anyone know the correct format to have the import files?

i created a few products from the invoiceninja and then export them and used that as a guide to manually add some of our existing products but althouhg the import is proceesing find …all items appear under the Product field

also on the export the column where the VAT is dissapears thus you cannot import that field

You can use any format, you’re able to map the fields once the file is uploaded.

where can we map the fields?
we uploaded a section of our products and we can only fix it if we go one by one

20GJS00200 LENOVO THINKPAD 13 13.00 VAT 19.000% <-- this is after we manually edited the product
500658-B21;HP 4GB DR PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) R CAS-9;75 0.00 0.000% <-- this is how its imported the next unedited product

I think the app is having trouble parsing the CSV file

any other option? as without importing the existing products and customer we have which is a lot then this app will not be usuful for us!

Is the file in CSV format (Comma Separated Values) with commas separating the fields?