CSV imports dates in wrong format

Trying to import expenses from a CSV file but the date is imported in the wrong format: the days and months are swapped. I have the Date Format set to dd/mm/yyyy under Localization Settings but it doesn’t seem to apply when importing CSV files.

Workaround at the moment is to import the CSV to a spreadsheet program first and reformat the dates to mm/dd/yyyy


I believe YYYY-MM-DD is the best format to use.

@david can this be improved?

We use PHP: strtotime - Manual under the hood for this, so i am surprised it isn’t being parsed as expected.

Thanks @david I’ll check out the link you provided. I’ll see if I can find a script that can change the date format in my CSV files before importing. Unfortunately that’s the way the bank outputs these fields into CSV and I have no control over it.